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These are a few hood traveling tips I picked up throughout the years. I hope they are useful.

1. Fung Wah Bus – When traveling on the North East Coast of America, keep this service in mind. The Fung Wah Bus travels from Chinatown to Chinatown in cities like NY, Philadelphia, Boston and Providence for 15 dollars one way. This works for anyone because most Chinatowns are located in the heart of the city. Plus riding the bus you get to know Chinese people a little better.

2. Air Courier – You can fly cheap or for next to nothing if you fly as an air courier. This option is available to anyone over the age of 18. You will be given a package that you must take to your destination city. You can research these courier companies online. One is www.usacouriers.com and another is www.aircourier.org. .

3. Purchase Miles – If you are a seasoned traveler with mileage points, but not enough for a free trip, for a couple hundred dollars you can purchase miles on most airlines that would equal to tens of thousands of actual miles. This way you can still decrease the price of an expensive ticket.

4. America is one of the only countries that make you pay for luggage carts. Another option is going outside by where passengers get picked up and just finding an unused cart.

5. Say you are running late for a flight and the security line is mad long. Tell them you don’t have ID, that you lost it. They will make you answer some questions and do an extra security search, but they will also bring you to the front of the line.

Hope these tips can help you one day. It’s all hood.

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