{Genius@Play} Suge Night Sues Kanye For $1Million Dollars

The recession has made everyone from the Donald Trump’s to the J.J. Evans adjust their spending accordingly. And now, as it seems, the crisis is forcing so-called tough guys take the stand and start finger-pointing in court.

Since Suge Knight has had multiple nightlife debacles in the past couple of years, it’s hard to keep track as to what happened when and how much blood he lost. But once upon time in 2005, Simple Simon took a pellet to his kneecap at a MTV Video Music Awards party hosted by Kanye West and Miami’s renown Shore Club and he’s suing for…get this: not enough security.

I thought you were Suge Knight? Crips & Bloods are supposed to part like the Red Sea when you ho-ho-ho down the street with yo crimson ass. His lawyer made sure to go on record to reiterate that Suge was certified wanksta.

Knight’s attorney, Marc Brumer, said Tuesday that Knight had $200,000 in medical bills from a gunshot that shattered his femur and will seek total damages of well over $1 million.

“He’s an icon in the music industry. He walks in a room and he lights it up,” Brumer said. “He had an expectation of security there. How someone came with a gun into a very VIP party, that just doesn’t meet the smell test in life.”


N*gga go sit down to a plate of hoecakes with extra syrup. This is the best idea the folks over at H&R Block® came up with? Kanye probably stashed all the weapons in his knapsack, huh? We all know his legal team is hoping to settle out of court for a fraction of the asking price. But it’ll take several more lump sums of chump change to buy back an ounce of respect.

Source: The Smoking Section

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