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{Genius@Play} Jeezy Defends His Malcolm X Pose On New Mixtape Cover

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Young Jeezy’s latest mixtape, Trap Or Die II, has the internets going nuts over both the music and the controversial cover featuring the rapper imitating Malcolm X.

Jeezy spoke to MTV News about the controversy surrounding the cover.

“I know a lot of cats are trippin’ off the cover,” Young said. “I tell ‘em like this: You had Martin Luther King, you had Malcolm X. One thing I respected about Malcolm X is that he believed in what he believed in. He died believing in it. That’s how I am. I would never compare myself to the great Malcolm, but I will die believing in what I believe in.”

Yeaaaah…. right.


{Genius@Play} Eminem – Angela Yee Interview (Audio)


More Marshall? Why not. Em calls in to his own station to talk about Recovery, the album’s producers, the first single and more.

{Genius@Play} Lupe Explains All City Chess Club

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Earlier this month, Lupe announced the formation of the All City Chess Club. The crew consists of Asher Roth, B.o.B., The Cool Kids, Charles Hamilton, Blu, Diggy, Wale, J.Cole and Lupe himself. This afternono on Hip Hop Nation, Lu explained how the clique came together, fearing Blu, and “Beaming” remix.

The first joint they’ll drop is the “I’m Beamin” Remix (it’s halfway done.) …He also said it’s not necessarily a group…it’s more like a movement.

Lupe: “Blu is probably the only MC in the game that scares me.”

{Genius@Play} The Boondocks: “Dick Riding Obama” Will.I.Am f. Thugnificent (Music Video)

Aww man… The title says it all… and it seems like Thugnificent has had a image makeover… Wait till May 2!!!!

{Genius@Play} Lil Wayne Speaks On Donovan McNabb Trade

From behind the walls of Rikers Island, Lil Wayne gives his take on quarterback Donovan McNabb’s trade from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Washington Redskins and his 2010 NFL draft picks.

{Genius@Play} Uncle Ruckus Defends Tiger Woods

{Genius@Play} Nike Sportswear Stickball Tournament Video Recap

Well-attended by the local community and involving 30 different participants from various fields, the party was hosted and DJed by none other than artist Q-Tip.

Vodpod videos no longer available.