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{Genius@Play} Jeezy Defends His Malcolm X Pose On New Mixtape Cover

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Young Jeezy’s latest mixtape, Trap Or Die II, has the internets going nuts over both the music and the controversial cover featuring the rapper imitating Malcolm X.

Jeezy spoke to MTV News about the controversy surrounding the cover.

“I know a lot of cats are trippin’ off the cover,” Young said. “I tell ‘em like this: You had Martin Luther King, you had Malcolm X. One thing I respected about Malcolm X is that he believed in what he believed in. He died believing in it. That’s how I am. I would never compare myself to the great Malcolm, but I will die believing in what I believe in.”

Yeaaaah…. right.


{Genius@Play} Young Jeezy “I Remember”

Produced by: Nard & B {TrenchWerk/GrandHustle}

Download -> Here

{Genius@Play} New Video: Young Jeezy “Hood Politics”

YAF got to premiere Jeezy’s new video “Hood Politics” off his upcoming mixtape, Trap Or Die 2. Trapublicans are gon love this.

{Genius@Play} Audio: Young Jeezy – Greatest Trapper Alive

{Genius@Play}Jeezy -> Trap or Die 2 Preview (Video)

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Took off from the Internet this weekend…. Time to get back to Werk… Lets see if Jeezy can stand up to the bar the first Trap or Die set… Personally Im not sure he can… Hosted by Don Cannon

{Genius@Play} Just Blaze Speaks On Eminem’s “Relapse 2″

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I’m working on Eminem’s album still, so I’ve gotta hurry up and get back to Detroit,” Just said. He was fresh off the turntables at club Grand Central during the Fool’s Gold party in Miami, where he spun a two-hour house set. “I’ve been back and forth — Detroit, New York, Detroit, New York, Miami, back to Detroit — for like the past two and a half weeks. [The album], it’s getting there, but we still got a lot of work. So I wish I could stay [in Miami] longer.”

Blaze says he’s sworn not to reveal too much about Eminem’s album, but he’s already calling it a classic, one of the ultimate efforts in Slim Shady’s storied catalog.

“As far as what’s going on in Detroit, a lot of good music is being made,” Blaze said of Em. “He’s really back spitting. The wordplay is crazy, the metaphors are crazy. He’s really back on his game. He had his ups, he had his downs, he’s back way, way, way up. This is definitely going to be up there with the best of his albums, for sure, for sure. The fact that he’s branched out working with a lot of different people now, collaborating in a lot of different ways that he never has before, I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people.” – MTV

{Genius@Play} New Gucci Mane feat. Ludacris “Atlanta Zoo” BurrrPrint2

This song was not on the official Tracklisting released by Asylum… But hey… we will take what we can get…. Free Gucci